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Marineworks Pty Ltd is a quality boat repair and maintenance company servicing the north-side of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

We are equipped to handle a wide range of work on fibreglass, timber and steel boats - including cabinet and timber work, paintwork, fibreglass, all shipwright and hull work and antifouling.


Marineworks offers a complete protective coating system to suit your boats conditions/requirements and budget. We antifoul all type of vessels: timber/ fibreglass/steel/aluminium .  It is always recommended to use a high quality antifouling system, particularly in Queensland.  The warmer water promotes growth, and if you don’t use your boat especially over summer it won't take long for nasty growth to flourish.  A clean hull means maximum speed, good fuel consumption and less hardstand time.

Film thickness plays a big part in antifouling. If the film thickness is not at specification your boat will not travel in the water as well as it should.  This is why we spray all boats with 2 coats of antifoul, and a 3rd around the waterline leading edges and propeller area. You will get approx 12 to 24 months depending on which product is chosen.

We are able to use a range of brands to suit your requirements, including International,  Ameron, Jotun, Altex, Wattyl, Newport, and Hempel. 

If required, we can also completely remove the old antifoul in a quick and efficient manner.  This is done by soda stripping in an environmentally friendly manner.  Using soda stripping, an average boat is prepared one day, ready for sanding the next. A fast and efficient job means lower hardstand cost. 

A new antifoul system should have 2 coats of epoxy applied then 2 coats of antifoul applied.
Both high-build coats of epoxy act as an osmosis preventer and are good protection in the long run.


Repairs to all types of boats, from sail to motor to trailer boats.  Fibreglass  and resin technologies have come a long way from the 70’s and 80’s . At Marineworks, we use the latest and best/ strongest resins and fiberglass cloths to repair your vessel, so be reassured that the job will be done correctly - whether it be a small cosmetic repair or a structural modification.

What would your prized position be worth with osmosis in it? The longer you leave it, the longer it will cost you in the long run. Osmosis must be repaired properly or it will just keep on appearing.  Whether it be a few small blisters or a full scale problem, it can be treated at Marineworks.  If necessary an electric planner will be used to remove the first layers of fiberglass.  Marineworks has the team for tackling osmosis.


Whether it is a gelcoat/polyurethane, touch-up/rolling and tip, or full re-spray, we can take care of it. We have the expertise to match any colour and blend it back in. We can recommend the best paint for your vessel or we can use your choice working to your budget.  Our technician/rep comes in frequently and works in closely to get the best finish to keep you satisfied.

Some of the products we use –


Timber Restoration
Timber exposed to Queensland’s UV sunlight will break down over time. You have two options to choose from:

  • Oiling
  • Varnishing

Teak is a naturally oily timber, so oiling recommended - but if you love that classic timber shine then varnishing is for you. Both these jobs can be performed at Marineworks.

To bring your deck back to life they will need to be sanded or washed with a teak deck restorer.  When sanding remember can only be done a few times as you are restricted to the thickness of teak.  Decks can also be oiled.
Marineworks is a certified Propspeed applicator. Propspeed is a terrific product for keeping your running gear clean and efficient. Application is critical and should always be left to someone certified like Marineworks.

Detailing is a specialised field and done properly will last longer. We only use the best products for the best results. We have many detailing options to choose from including:

  • Full exterior detail.
  • Topside and transom, cabin polish detail.
  • Metal work polish.
  • Hardtop.
  • Clears and vinyl.
  • Monthly wash and wax.
  • Hand glaze soft polish.
  • Oxidation removal.
  • Bilge cleaning.



If you don’t have aninsurance claim in your life you're doing OK. But for most of us it has happened. We try to make the process as time efficient and stress less as possible.

We will come to you and write a quote and work in with the surveyor/assessor.

We’ll fax the quote of to insurance company and once approved, complete the work to your satisfactory standards. It’s your boat and we want you to be happy with finish of workmanship.


In the marine industry there are so many different trades, boat builders/upholsters/electricians/marine mechanics just to list a few. If you don’t have time or just can’t be there, at Marineworks we can project manage the complete job for you.

We will keep you informed along the way by digital photos or by calling.  Don’t be misled by unprofessional tradesmen. We only works with QUALIFIED tradesmen, so the work will be done to a high standard of professionalism.

A maintenance program can be tailored to your vessel keeping it at its peak
condition and lengthening the life of your investment.







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